The Best Social Media Analytics Platforms

The Best Social Media Analytics Platforms

If you are looking for a great tool to analyze social media traffic, you’ve probably come across several options. You can choose from a free trial of a few different tools and see which one best fits your needs.

Social media analytics tools are a great way to measure the ROI of your social media efforts. These best-in-class solutions can help you track and analyze everything from onsite conversions to site traffic, giving you the insights needed to grow your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other platform.

Here are some of our favorite social media analytics tools for measuring ROI.

Social media analytics tools. Sprout

Sprout is a good example. It offers social listening features and is a great tool to track mentions of a brand. The free trial also lets you test out a few tools before making a decision.


Iconosquare is a social media analytics tool. It searches the internet for mentions and conversations about a particular brand. You can also use it for customer support and reputation management. The company is committed to fostering a transparent culture and ethical practices, and this can provide an insight into competitors’ strategies. The price range is $89 to $459 a month. The platform is easy to use and can be customized for your needs.


SocialPilot is a comprehensive tool for measuring your social media presence. It analyzes your competitors’ social media accounts and gives you easy-to-understand reports about your audience. It also collects user-generated content. Its free version allows you to track UGC from social media, which you can use to improve your social marketing efforts. There are also a number of other apps that can help you measure the growth of your account.


HubSpot is a great tool for tracking leads. It allows you to monitor and analyze your customers. It can also analyze sentiment. The best social media analytics tools include monitoring, reporting, and influencer analysis. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive and accurate data on your followers, it’s important to choose the right tool for your business. A simple and effective tool can help you improve your content and boost your business.


Another great tool is Mention. It tracks brand mentions across social media. It’s an excellent way to engage your employees by monitoring the mentions of brands and products. The software also helps you determine how customers relate to the brands. The best way to use Mention is to make your brand more visible and memorable. It will increase your sales by engaging your customers. If you want to make your marketing strategies more effective, you need to implement the right social media analytics tools.

Several social media analytics tools exist. You can use:

  • Wiselytics
  • Buffer
  • Google Analytics.

However, the best tool will provide you with detailed information and provide several report formats, and should integrate with your CRM system. Whether you want to track your Facebook followers, Twitter engagement, or Instagram interactions, you can use these tools to track your results. You can also try out a free trial of one of these tools to see if they’re right for your needs.

Analytics tools and marketing

Some of the best social media analytics tools will help you to make smarter marketing decisions and develop better campaigns. They provide actionable insights on trends in the marketplace, and their free plans are suitable for small businesses as well. By using these tools, you can improve your social media ROI and build a better brand image. Once you’ve decided which tool is the right one for your needs, you’ll be able to decide which is the most useful and effective.

If you are looking for a powerful tool to monitor your social media activity, then you should use the best social media analytics tools. For example, HootSuite’s reporting feature allows you to see the reach of your posts and engagement across your social networks. In addition, it allows you to create custom dashboards and compare them across different networks. By using both of these platforms, the software will provide valuable insights about your business.

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