How to Track Twitter Metrics

How to Track Twitter Metrics

As a business owner, you may be curious about how to track Twitter metrics so that you can get accurate information.

Twitter is a powerful tool to advertise your products or services because of its wide coverage. However, you should not expect it to do all tasks for you. You have to find a way to make it work to your advantage. This is where knowing how to track Twitter metrics comes in handy.

What Twitter metrics are

Twitter Metrics are data points that you track to determine how successful your posts, profile, and tweets are on the network. These metrics can be found in Twitter Analytics – a tool where you’ll also find Facebook insights, Google analytics for websites, AdWords performance reports, etc.. There are three main categories of Twitter metrics: Tweet-level metrics only look at how well individual Tweets do while Profile-level metrics analyze how your account is performing overall. Lastly, there are Keyword-level metrics that focus on what people search by when looking for you or similar content on Twitter e.g., #hashtags or @mentions. Let’s take a look at each category below with examples of how they work using data from our Buffer accounts (see how we track our account metrics here).

Twitter metrics types

Tweets-level Metrics

These include performance data about how your Tweets are doing. For example, you can find out how many people clicked on links in your Tweet or how often people favorite it.

Profile-level Metrics

This category includes aggregated statistics like profile visits, profile views are driven by other profiles within Twitter e.g., follows/unfollows, engagement rates across all content types, etc. It also covers things like impressions – the number of times tweets were seen – and follower growth rate. You can use this information to understand how engaged users are with your Tweets and how your followers are growing over time.

Keyword-level Metrics

These include things like how many times people have searched for you or your content by a specific keyword, the number of times someone has tweeted about you using a certain hashtag, or @mention how often people mention a topic relevant to what you do e.g., social media hashtags. You can use this information to track how much interest there is in terms of search volume around certain keywords that could be related to future blog posts, products or services, etc.

Twitter Analytics provides data on all three categories at once but also lets you dig deeper into each metric category if needed via separate tabs (Tweet | Profile | Keyword). For example, you can see how many clicks each individual Tweet received or how your Twitter profile is performing overall. You’ll find metrics for all of these in the “Tweet” tab:

Twitter key metrics: target and keywords

The first thing to do is to identify people who are targeted to your niche market. Find out what keywords they use when looking for you and try to incorporate these words into your tweets. From there, you can make the necessary adjustments to your marketing strategy. If you want to know how to track Twitter metrics, this is where it will come in handy. People on Twitter will be able to identify your tweets since you will use specific words when advertising your product or service.

You should look nice

Aside from having specific keywords that you want to advertise with, you also need to have a nice layout on your site. You have to make it interesting so that visitors will stay on your page and read your tweets. When learning how to track Twitter metrics, you also have to be able to engage followers in some manner. This means that you have to encourage interaction on your site. This will make it easier to encourage people to follow your tweets.

Twitter metrics. Quantity is as important as quality

Twitter metrics. Quantity is as important as quality.

Another important tip when you want to learn how to track Twitter metrics is by checking how many people are visiting your site every day. Twitter will only show you the number of visitors if you have chosen to share your data with other people on the site. You have to manually search for these numbers so that you will know how many people are actually visiting your site. Twitter has a widget so you will be able to easily see how many people are actually viewing your tweets. It would be better if you have this number ready so that you can make quick adjustments on how to improve the quality of your tweets.

Ways to track your metrics

There are several different ways on how to track Twitter metrics.

Keyword search

The first method is the search by keyword. When searching for keywords, you have to include the word that you think most people are using to search for the topic. In your search, you have to choose the keyword that you think is mostly being used by other people when looking for the topic that you are writing about. Of course, this will require you to put the word “tweet” in front of it so that it will be easier to track tweets.

If you do not like the idea of searching by keywords, you can go on Google Trends and see the top 100 trends for a particular topic. The cool thing about this method is that it only takes you a few minutes of your time. However, you still have to pay attention because there are still several people who are doing this. In fact, many use automated programs on Twitter to track Twitter metrics since this program works perfectly on Twitter.


Aside from searching by keywords, you may also consider using third-party applications on Twitter. These applications are more effective than the previous two methods because they have more information to provide. They may even provide you with updates on Twitter’s statistics. However, you still have to open these applications and allow them to access your account. As long as you trust these applications enough, you will be able to get the information that you need on how to track Twitter metrics.

Lastly, you may also go on Track Twitter Metrics Pro. This application provides you with more details on how to track Twitter metrics. Aside from letting you see the number of unique visitors that arrive at your site, you can also view other metrics. This application also lets you track the number of tweets posted each minute and reveals the keywords that were used for those posts.

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